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Through solemn meditation, he hears the sentimental whispers of a powerful voice, the still voice that directs him to lead, teach, coach, empower and preach the true and unadulterated Word of God. Ministerial and business visionary, entrepreneurial trailblazer, altruistic philanthropist, and spiritual shepherd Apostle Peters has touched many around the nation. Radical, Revolutionary, Outspoken, Innovative, Charismatic, Anointed and Cutting Edge are just some of the ways that Apostle Robbie Peters, Ph.D. has been described. Apostle Robbie C Peters is one of the world’s most revered masterminds, leverages his pioneering vision and instincts extending beyond the church.

Some know him as Bishop, but many others within in the Apostolic venue and Episcopacy call him a Leadership “guru”, “Trail-blazer” and the “Epitome of a Churchman,” other theologians call him an astute, intellectual, prolific orator; an altruistic philanthropist and a ministerial visionary. Apostle Peters is called to the nations to properly place Apostles and the Entire Five (5) Fold Ministry into Apostolic Alignment and Apostolic Flow. Apostle has an anointed and very unique ministry that promotes reconciliation and redemption. He constantly uplifts and equips the Saints for Empowerment and Kingdom Building. The knowledge and wisdom given to him by the unction of the Holy Ghost continues to reveal, impart vision and catapult him to higher heights. Apostle Peters is an “Apostle’s Apostle” and a “Preacher’s Preacher”.

To know him is to love him. Those that know him will tell you that his talk has always been more than spiritual. His style is intensely his own. Apostle Peters offers a practical demonstration of both hope and compassion. With surgical precision Apostle Peters dissects and disseminates the Word of God resulting in unprecedented growth and expansion. His intense desire from an in-depth exploration of spiritual truth; his intellectual and scriptural approach stimulates the intellect of people in all areas of life. His unique and diverse oratory skills makes ministries openly welcome him as he leaves an indelible mark on those that are seeking and searching for answers in either their natural or spiritual lives. Apostle Peters firmly believes that the church is to effectively minister to the needs of the people. He primarily focuses on empowering LEADERS. From the streets to the pulpit, his Bapticostal (Baptist and Pentecostal) flavor blazes most frequently on subjects that God birthed him to deal with (Pain, Patience, Leadership, Titles, Praise and Worship, Empowerment, Soul Winning, Love Relationships and Women as well as Men). His sermons are sure to carry elements of poetic commentaries and startling insights of the bible. Having a non-judgmental attitude has always been key in Apostle Peters helping people reach their destiny and has enabled him to build bridges, reach denominations, generations all genders, races, culture and ethnicity. Apostle Peters is the Presiding Prelate and General Overseer of the Kingdom Empowerment International Covenant Fellowship of Churches, Incorporated, a reformation that empowers the Saints in Kingdom Building. Apostle serves on several boards of many prominent reformations; who seek his counsel and wisdom. Apostle is also the CEO and the Establishmentarian of the Elijah II Elisha Mentorship and Apostolic Covering. The Apostle is also the Metropolitan and Chairman of the Unification of Apostles and Bishops

Apostle has always had a thirst for knowledge, where he has become a Scholar in his own rite with the Interdenominational Theological Seminary in Atlanta, Georgia where he has successfully obtained his accredited Doctorate of Theology. Apostle has also received his Doctorate in Philosophy (Ph.D.) from the Open Arms International Bible College and Seminary School of Chicago, Illinois.

In 2015 Apostle Peters joined forces with the renowned John Maxwell and has become part of the JMT Leadership Team, and now serves as an Executive Director.

Apostle Robbie C Peters is also the Chancellor of The Empowerment Theological Institute & Bible Seminary. Apostle Peters is a Devoted Husband to Lady Oneika Peters. Apostle supports his beautiful wife in all facets of her ministry and businesses. Oneika Peters a best friend, mother and a loving wife is Apostle’s chief advocate as well. Lady O serves as the Executive Director of RCP Word Ministries, along with many other roles in assisting her Husband in Ministry. This power couple has several business ventures and together they have seven (7) children, DeJuan, Isaiah, Lyric, Jamar, Karter, Nina and Mason. Apostle travels extensively across the country domestically as well as internationally ministering at various leadership seminars, workshops, conferences and revivals on a weekly basis. Apostle is also establishing and planting churches and ministries as well as doing the Apostolic and Episcopal process across the country. He continues to ‘equip the saints’ for the work of ministry. He is a Mentor, Life Coach and Spiritual Father to hundreds in this city and to millions in the Nation as well as a Grandfather to many sons and daughters in the ministry. He is indeed the “epitome of a churchman”!

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